It’s time to pause the cuddles, grab your love by the hand, get up, and go!

If you struggle to find the motivation to exercise, why not include your partner in your routine. Think of yourselves as each other’s personal trainer. By motivating each other, you’ll learn new moves, face new challenges, and accomplish goals together. Talk about strength training!

The first step is to make an attainable goal for the both of you. What do you want to achieve both individually and together in your fitness? You can set multiple mini goals or one big goal. One key is to make sure it is realistic. Your goal should extend you but not necessarily be simple either. “I’m going to exercise 7 days a week” may be less realistic than “I’m going to exercise a minimum of 4 days a week.”

There are lots of options to keep you and your partner motivated. Get creative and plan a routine that includes things you both like to do. Go for a 30-40 min walk after dinner, take a yoga class, try rock climbing, or maybe spice things up and try a dance class. This makes sharing your routine rewarding not only on a level of physical wellbeing but also the shared appreciation of working as a team.

There’s a sea of couple’s workouts that are available across the web, but to get you two love birds started, check out this workout we found from Ideal Shape! Try it out for a month and you are sure to make strides while hand in hand.

Good luck!

 Couple Part 2

Infographic Source: Be Spoken Weddings
Workout Routine Source: Ideal Shape

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