Tips for Maintenance

Darren Jacklin offers 25 date night ideas to keep your relationships invigorating. From the most simple evenings at home to an elaborate surprise getaway, there is no limit on the ways to express your love.

From my experience, women want to feel radiance, light and energy in their lives. So after you are married, it’s critical to keep the romance and yumminess alive.  A simple way to do this is to schedule date nights and surprises into your calendars, especially if there are children involved.

  1. Guys, try saying this sometime: “You’ve got one hour to pack your bags. Don’t ask me where we are going, but we’ll be gone for the weekend. Everything is taken care of. Just pack your bags, and leave the rest to me. I’m going to give you the best weekend you have ever had in your life so far. “
  2. Volunteer for a worthy cause together. Hand out food at a homeless shelter, go and visit a senior citizens centre or children’s hospital, organize a fundraiser for a non-profit, or work at an animal shelter. You’ll spend time with each other, but you’ll also make a difference and help others.
  3. Go to a club and dance all night like you did when you were single – but this time dance with each other.
  4. Go for a walk at a nearby park together. Throw some coins in a fountain and make a wish.
  5. Make passionate and playful love and go all out. Wear sexy lingerie, send each other naughty text messages beforehand, light candles, throw rose petals on and around the bed, use edible body paints – whatever you must do to take the romance up a notch. It will be a night to remember.
  6. Get a couple’s massage at a spa. Relax and enjoy each other as you both get nurtured and taken care of for a few hours. This is a great way to bond with your spouse.
  7. Be a tourist in your own city, town or neighborhood. Go to one of the major sites like the museum, art gallery, park, or heritage site and take photos. Pretend you’re seeing this place again for the first time.
  8. Go pick a neighborhood and walk down streets that you have never been down before until you find a new restaurant or cafe.
  9. Plan a romantic vacation a year from now and then drop hints to your spouse about what you are going to do to them when you get there.
  10. Dress up and go out to a dinner theatre or comedy club. Afterward, check into a hotel and let your imagination run wild.
  11. Go on a wine tasting.
  12. Make out like teenagers on the couch.
  13. At your favorite local pub or bar, order a bottle of wine or champagne and flirt with each other all night long. If you’re into role playing, you could even take on different personas for the evening and act like you’ve just met. Stay in character until you get home and then delight in the benefits of marriage.
  14. Go for a day-long hike.
  15. Take a dance lesson together.
  16. Go on a dinner sunset cruise.
  17. Look at an open house, ask the realtor to give you a bit of time, and then dance together in the room where your bed would be.
  18. Get decked out and go out for dinner.
  19. Have a picnic together in your own living room or backyard.
  20. Turn off the television, radio, computer, cell phones, take off your wrist watches and all other distractions, and tell each other what you appreciate about one another for at least one hour.
  21. Go watch a sunset together.
  22. Go to a drive in movie theatre.
  23. Bubble bath for two with candles, champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries.
  24. Make a finger-foods-only dinner and feed each other.
  25. Create a scavenger hunt around the house with little dollar store prizes or messages of love.

Darren Jacklin

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