Now that you have had or you are planning your perfect wedding day it’s time to plan to live a rich, full and delicious lifestyle?
I have an experiential exercise that I have taught to thousands of people in many countries all over the planet that has profoundly impacted many couples to live a prosperous and abundant lifestyle.
Here is what I would like you to do. I want you to sit down with your partner and use your creativity and imagination just like when you were a little girl or boy growing up. I want you to suspend any disbelief and thinking “how are we going to do this?” and “How will we create that?” and “Where is the money going to come from to pay for it all?” Just be like a little kid dreaming of bright and possible future.

I want you to think and feel where would you love to travel to on the planet and what would you love to see, feel, hear and experience; and start writing them down on paper. Map out the most inspiring places on the planet that you could possibly go and visit. Because when you surround yourself with things that inspire you then you will live an inspired life together.
Where would you like to go and explore across the planet? How about going scuba diving or snorkeling in Australia? Exploring the Great Barrier Reef? Planning a trip to go over to London, England and touring some of the old churches, museums and art galleries, Take a photo of the two of you standing in front of Big Ben, hopes on a train or a bus and going to explore the original statue of Michelangelo’s David which is located in the museum Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, Italy. Then it’s off to hear the roar of the engines of the Monaco Grand Prix Car Race! This will definitely get your husband’s attention, feeling the power and sound of these engines.

How about taking a romantic dinner boat cruise down the Nile River for a memorable evening? How about going on an adventure to one of the most romantic Restaurants on the planet? It’s located in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Imagine having lunch or dinner at Canada’s highest-elevation restaurant, the Eagle’s Eye towers above the Kicking Horse Resort in Golden, British Columbia. Diners take the ski gondola 1,200m (3,936 ft.) up to 2,410m (7,905 ft.) above sea level to reach this dining room with a 360-degree view of the nearby Rocky, Selkirk, and Purcell mountain ranges. This will be a “Mark the Moment” day. After lunch or dinner you can sit by the fire and read each other a poem or gaze into each other’s eyes and tell each other “The Gift I see in you is…” and the other person sits and listens and can only respond with “Thank you”.

How about planning a trip to the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Who knows – you might see a killer whale or two or some beautiful birds and sea life animals.
How about planning your second anniversary by going to Niagara Falls or to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario? Dog sledding in Canmore, Alberta for an afternoon of fun, excitement and adventure? Planning a shopping trip to New York or over to Paris for a fun weekend getaway?

Think ahead and it’s now your fifth anniversary together – what about going to a Sandals Resort or a Club Med. If you have children try a Beaches Resort which is perfect for a family vacation.

Have you ever thought about traveling to Africa and going on a African Safari together and possibly experiencing up close and in person lions, cheetahs, tigers and giraffes? Have you ever wanted to go and catch a live show on the strip in Las Vegas or attend an opera or who is your favourite singer or band? How about getting tickets and sitting up close?

How about hiking the West Coast Trail on beautiful Vancouver Island. Have you thought about space travel with Sir Richard Brandon’s Virgin Galactic? How about attending a First Nations or Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony or attending a traditional Pow Wow? Have you thought about going and seeing and experiencing a live hockey, football, soccer, wrestling, or golf game before. Would you want to go on a yoga or spiritual retreat someone or a silent mediation?

Deep inside our heart and soul, we have a purpose and we have dreams, visions and callings and inspiring places we would love to visit on the planet that we would love to bring into reality. But along the journey of creating our dreams we occasionally run into mental, emotional, or physical roadblocks. These roadblocks or chaotic hindering can arise from not having our life organized. So many people don’t plan to fail they just fail to plan. As you start to build your lives together it is important to have a direction of focus of where you would like to go in your lives. Remember relationships and life has its peaks and its valleys. It’s important that you create and live an inspired life together because over time if you decide to have children or already have children you want to be positive role models to your children. Let this exercise awaken you to possibility of creating and living an inspired life together.  Writing or typing is the first step in making intangible ideas become tangible realities. Masters of who create inspiring lives focus on the ever-finer details. No one will build your dreams for you. Dream building is up to you.  Write out where we would love to go on the planet. Clarity of vision and intensity of consistent action produces amazing results.

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