I believe that every person you meet comes into your life for a reason. I believe that it’s not what happens to us in our lives it’s what we do about it. Sometimes while I am in front of my live audiences I share with them stories of people who have impacted and touched my life. I am truly blessed to have had so many wonderful life experiences.

A few years ago I was doing a Public Seminar and a woman stood up and started complaining about how tough and difficult her life was. She started to become the poor me victim. A woman behind her a few rows asked out loud, Your life is difficult compared to what?

The woman who was speaking turned around and said, and so you think your is more difficult than mine? The woman said, I don’t think anyone in this seminar today has ever experienced what I have been through and I never wish it upon them but people I believe that everyone can truly learn from my experience.


I asked the woman to stand up and share and she accepted my request. She began with this:


“A year ago my husband and my three beautiful young children awoke one early summer Sunday morning feeling adventurous and excited to go on our two-week family vacation. We got up and packed our SUV and drove off a short while later. As we were traveling down the highway a group of people coming home after a long night of Saturday night partying decided to cross the centerline of the highway.


“At that moment our lives changed forever. My husband and three children were killed on impact. I was in shock – I was pinned in the vehicle helpless, not able to do anything. The emergency crews arrived to pry the vehicle open with the Jaws of Life. I was freed from the wreck and taken away. Later I had to return with the coroner and police officers to identify my husband and three children. This event changed my life forever.


“When I returned home, after the emotional shock started to wear off that is when it really hit me. I had to go into my children’s 3 bedrooms and pack all of their personal belongings; I would pick up things like a zip lock bag of their first hair cut trimmings; their first letter to mommy and daddy; their first little footprint that they made for me in Pre School; their first note to Santa Claus; their first picture and the note that says I Love You Mommy. I would pack up these keepsake items and save them. Some of the clothes I donated to our church and Salvation Army.


“Then I had to go into the bedroom I shared with my husband and look around at all of the memories that we had built over the past 20 years of marriage our life together.”


I asked her how she got through this experience or if she ever would. She replied confidently, “It’s not what happens to you in your life it’s what you do about it. My husband and children would never want me to go on living my life with pain and misery. Nor would they want me to be medicated for the rest of my life.


“I am blessed to have had three beautiful children some people today in this seminar and in this world will never be able to give birth to a child. God gave us the miracle of three. Some people in this seminar and in the world will never find their soul mate I lived with mine for over 20 years and we were also best friends. We lived in a Beautiful neighborhood had great careers and did many wonderful things together.


“I could sue those people who were in that other automobile for what they did but instead I have forgiven them. I could write letters to the Editors of Newspapers and blame Law Enforcement for not putting up more Police Road checks to catch drunk drivers. I could go to a medical doctor and get a prescription to take medication for the rest of my life. But I have chosen to be a Victor vs. a Victim.”


At that moment, the entire audience stood up and gave this woman a standing ovation. It was an experience that I and many in that room will always remember. People hugged each other in that seminar. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. That day had an impact on so many people’s lives, including mine.


So the next time that you think your life is challenging and difficult, the next time the man or woman you love upsets you or you have an argument or things aren’t going the way you believe they should be going – ask yourself this question. “Compared To What?”


It’s not what happens to you in your life; it’s what you do about it.



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